Unisex Portable Urinal

226 kr
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✅ Easily available to facilitate cleaning.
✅Can be repeatedly used after cleaning.
✅Can use for each member of the family.
✅Use the international environmental protection material.
✅Urine bucket sealing performance is good, after use will not leak.
✅The main body of adopting extensible in order to carry conveniently.
✅Small size,easy to carry.
This product is unisex for adult & kids, reusable, hygienic, flexible, hermetic, accordion design.

Color: Blue
Material: Polypropylene
Diameter: Approx 2.76 inch/ 7cm
Overall height: Approx 6.69 inch/ 17cm
Maximum capacity: Approx 750ml

Package Included:
1 x Urinal Bucket