Orthopedic Cat Bowl & Slow Feeder 2-in-1 [Anti-Vomiting]

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Is Your Cat A Fast Eater?

No More Tummy Aches & Vomiting For Your Cat! 

See your pets' overall health improve by just changing the way they eat! Whether it’s old age or arthritis, regular bowls tend to be very uncomfortable for cats to eat out of.

Deep, hollow bowls not only add strain on their necks but also makes them want to eat too quickly, causing indigestion, vomiting, and a whole lot of pain. It puts your poor kitty under a lot of stress and may also make them disinterested in mealtime altogether. Oh no!
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- This elevated, tilted, 15 degree incline bowl allows your cat to easily reach in and enjoy their food without ever facing any strain, pain, or discomfort. Just fill it up and watch your little furry friend gleam & purr with excitement.

- The safe base is anti-overturned, with a non-slip sticker at the bottom

- Large oblique rim reduces cat food dropping and is suitable for flat-faced cats

- Curved bottom makes it easy for cats to clear the bowl

ChewSafe™ Orthopedic Cat Bowl – Sweetino

 Did You Know That A Raised Feeder Helps Prevent Indigestion And Stomach Discomfort?

 This NEW & UPDATED Model Also Slows Down The Feeding Speed!

 Recommended By Vets And Pet Care Professionals.

 Elevated Cat Cat Bowl Will Reduce Strain On Your Cat's Joints, Neck, Hips, Shoulders And Most Importantly It Reduces The Strain On Esophagus By Making Swallowing EASIER!

 Sturdy Non-Tipping Base - No More Food Pawed Out Of The Bowl.

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Every order helps a cat in need.  

>> NOT Sold in Pet Stores! <<