New Hair Straightener

360 kr
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Designed with custom-blend ceramic plates, Lucea glides  smoothly through hair boosting shine and locking in style.


 Hair Straightener is cordless, making it perfect for travel (and rooms with inconveniently placed outlets)!
Use it anywhere, for any occasion. Powered by a 4-cell lithium-ion battery, enjoy professional styling without interruptions and restrictions.


The precise temperature sensor is attached to each of the two heat plates to monitor the temperature in real time. 
The heat control system maintains a constant temperature throughout the styling, helping you see immediate shine and styling effects with a single pass.


With conventional hair straighteners, the hair is often snagged or pulled on while gliding, causing hair breakage and damage.

 Hair Straightener glides smoothly without snagging and it completes the style you want with one pass.

It protects your healthy hair with its efficacy because you won’t have to go over the same strands over and over again.
Style your hair and toss  Hair Straightener in its heat resistant pouch immediately
That’s right, you don’t have to wait for it to cool down. For your convenience, the pouch fits perfectly in your everyday bag. 


 Hair Straightener was designed to meet the styling needs of everyone, regardless of age, race or sex. If you’re looking for change, discover your new look with  Hair Straightener.